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Hi there!

My name is Maksym Myronenko, but you can just call me Max.

I’m a specialist in Microsoft BI and Power Platform stuff, including DAX, M, Power BI, Excel, Power Pivot, Power Query, Power Apps, and SQL Server.

I also take uncertain steps towards Machine Learning in Azure and visualization using Tableau, but it’s better to remain silent about this for now.

I began my career in the public sector, VLOOKUPing thousands of sheets in good old Excel, but now my passion is data modeling, automation, analysis, and user-oriented visualization.

The goal that I strive for in each of my projects is the maximum automation of routine data processing tasks and the most understandable visualization of business data.

I evaluate my work not in the number of dashboards, but in the amount of time saved. And I am really proud that my work has already saved more than a dozen years of users’ lives.

If you have some feedback, questions, or even some interesting data-related tasks – feel free to connect with me on LinkedInTwitter, or just drop me an email using the form below.